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Welcome to the KIJEKA ENGINEERS! Here you will find quality industrial products. Every effort has been made to bring you the products you need with great pricing and service to match! We hope you enjoy browsing our website.
KIJEKA ENGINEERS is a leading Indian material handling equipment manufacturer and supplier of high quality material handling products and industrial machinery equipment since 1980.

KIJEKA ENGINEERS is India's most visited material handling equipment website has largest range of material handling equipments available
KIJEKA ENGINEERS offer a wide variety of allied material handling products. If you need Drum Trolley, Drum Handler, Dollies, Drum Lifter, Drum Stacker, Drum Racks, Barrel -Drum Pumps, Stackers, Lifting Tables, Pallet Trucks, Chain Hoist, Platform Trucks, Tray Carts, Shop floor Trolley, Box Truck, Hand Carts, Cylinder Trucks, Waste Handling trolleys, Service Carts, Shelf Trucks, Wheels, Polyurethane Wheels, P.U. Wheels & load wheels, Polymer wheels, Cast Iron Wheels and Load Wheels, Casters, Heavy Duty Casters, S.S. Casters.

Aluminum ladders, Extendable ladders, Wall Supported Extendable, Insect Killer, S.S. Fly Catcher, Scoops, Powder Sampler, Liquid Sampler, Strip Door Curtains- KIJEKA ENGINEERS has the right solution for your needs.
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